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Who can be a Leo? 

Leo Club membership is open to anyone between the ages of 12 and 28. Young people of high moral standards who wish to serve others are eligible to become Leos. School administrators, Lions, and community leaders can provide names of potential members. Candidates may also be recruited through public announcements and other Leos members.

Why is there a membership fee?  

The $80 membership fee is required to purchase the necessary Leos gear (2 T-shirts, 1 Sweatshirt, and one name badge) which should be worn at ALL leos events. Please enclose it in cash or a check made payable to the Millbrae Leos Club and bring it along with the application.

What do members do? 

Leo members volunteer at local community events, help fundraise for various organizations, attend club bondings, attend the annual Friends and Family Dinner, and much more!

Do you offer a mentoring program?

Yes! When you fill out our "getting to know you" form there is an option that allows you to be paired up with an older Leo (sophomore, junior, senior). The mentorship program is offered to our new leos in grades 7-8. Our mentors and mentees are paired up based off of mutual interests.  

Do I have to live in Millbrae to be in the club? 

No, you do not have to live in Millbrae to volunteer for the Millbrae Leos Club. However, most events will be within the Millbrae community, so your commute may be longer. 

Are all the events chaperoned? 

Yes, ALL events are chaperoned by our Leos Advisors (members of the Millbrae Lions Club.)

What are the privileges of Leo Membership?

As a sponsored activity of a Lion Club, Leo Clubs are entitled to many services and benefits offered by Lions Clubs International. Informational and club materials include new member kits, guides for service activities, leadership aids, ideas for fundraising, club supplies, and international newsletters. 


Leos can participate in the annual Lions Club International Convention, attending their functions and receiving official awards and recognition for their achievements. 

How much of my time will be dedicated to this club?

It is encouraged to participate in at least one event per month. School and family are priority so if there is any conflict at a certain time, we completely understand. The general meetings are monthly, and the event shifts range from 1-5 hours. 

Can I sign up for more than one event? What about more than one shift per event? 

Yes and yes! Just make sure you don't sign up for two events that happen on the same day at the same time. 

What are the monthly raffles tallies and how do I increase my chances of winning?

At our general meetings, we hold a raffle featuring prizes that go with the theme of the month. By volunteering/ chairing more events and attending more meetings, you will accumulate more and more raffle points. The more involved a Leo member is in the club, the better chance you have of winning the prizes. 

What does it take to be a chair? 

After participating in at least 3 Leos events, you will get the chance to chair. You must be responsible, honest, motivated, and have leadership skills for this position.

How do I chair/co-chair an event? What are my responsibilities? 

You will get to sign up for either position at the general meeting. As a chair, you are required to contact the list of Leos volunteering at the event 48 hours before the date of the event to remind them of their attendance. At the event, you will need to take note of the arrival and departure time of each volunteer on the event roster. Please bring the event roster with you to the next general meeting.

What if I can no longer make it to the event? 

If you can no longer make it to the event, it is your responsibility to let the chair or co-chair of the event know that you will not be able to make it. Additionally, it is your responsibility to find a replacement before the day of the event.

What if I'm a chair and can't make it to an event?

As a chair, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are free on the specified date. If it is not possible for you to make it to the event, please contact your co-chair and coordinate to find a replacement.

Do I get service hours? If so do you track them? 

Yes, you do get service hours (AP bio hours for some events)! However, we are not responsible for tracking your service hours. If you wish to get tracked service hours signed off, please contact the board members.

I've been in the Millbrae Leos Club for a while now. How do I join the Leos Board? 

If you wish to help run the club, fill out a board application at the specified time. Announcements for the Leos Board applications will be made around March and will be due in April. You will need to turn in your application by the due date and will have to schedule an interview for your preferred position.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact any of the Millbrae Leos Board Members! We are happy to help!