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Board Members

& Board Application

Meet The Board

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Millbrae Leos Club President
Ronald Wen

Hi everyone, my name is Ronald Wen. Although I am a junior at St Ignatius College Prep SF, I still live in Millbrae. I joined the Millbrae Leos Club in 7th grade with a desire to become more involved in supporting my community. Outside of the Millbrae Leo's Club, I enjoy playing volleyball and also spending time with my friends and family. I am excited to lead the Millbrae Leos as President this year and to help continue its exponential growth. 

Millbrae Leos Club Vice-President 
Joey Situ


Hello, my name is Joey Situ and I am a junior at Mills High School. I joined the Millbrae Leos Club by my desire to be an active member of my community and with hope of gaining leadership and service experience. Apart from being a Leo, I enjoy golfing, singing, and playing piano. I am excited to see what this year has to offer!

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Millbrae Leos Club Webmaster
Timothy Fong 

Hi! My name is Timothy, and I will be the current Leos webmaster. The Leos club has helped me to be more engaged with the community, and has been a great opportunity to build leadership skills. Outside of the Leos club, I maintain my own school clubs, enjoy playing sports, and like learning different online software. 

Millbrae Leos Club Projects Director
Jimmy Guan

Hello! My name is Jimmy and I am a Junior at Mills High School. I joined the Millbrae Leos Club to develop my leadership qualities and to meet new people. Outside of school I love playing and watching soccer as well as the violin and piano. I look forward to being this year's Projects Director.

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Millbrae Leos Club  Budget Director
Warren Shiu

Hi, my name is Warren Shiu, and I am a junior attending Mills High School. I joined the Millbrae Leos Club in my freshman year, and I have since had a great time volunteering and serving the community alongside other members in the club. Throughout my time in Leos, I have learned to lead and have many connections with my peers. Outside of the club, I play water polo, swim, and hang out with my friends.

Millbrae Leos Club Membership Director
Ethan Lau



Hi, I'm Ethan and I am a junior at Mills High School. I joined the Millbrae Leos to give back to the community. In my free time, I like to play soccer.

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Millbrae Leos Club Historian
Ashley Ma

Hi! My name is Ashley and I'm a junior at Mills High School. I've been a part of the Leos club since my freshman year. I joined the club to be more involved in the community and expand my leadership skills. Outside of the club, I enjoy dance and playing violin. I hope to make the club better and meet new people this year!

Millbrae Leos Club Internal Secretary
Chloe Lee

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am a junior at Mills High School. I joined the Leos club during my freshman year, seeking more volunteer opportunities to become more involved in helping and giving back to the community. Outside of the club, I enjoy playing basketball, playing the piano, and hanging out with my friends. I am looking forward to working with everyone and having a great year!
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Millbrae Leos Club External Secretary
Samantha Nguyen
Hi! My name is Samantha Nguyen and I am a freshman at Mills High School. I enjoy working with other Leos during events and advancing my leadership skills. Besides my experiences being a Leo, I enjoy cooking, reading, and listening to music. I am excited to work alongside other members on the board and honored to be this year's external secretary!

Millbrae Leos Middle School Director
Nathan Lau

Hi, I'm Nathan Lau, and I'm the Middle School Membership Director. I am in 8th grade and I go to Taylor Middle School. I really enjoy volunteering with the Leos, and some of my hobbies include playing sports like soccer and baseball.
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Leos Board application

How to apply

1. Download or make a copy of the application form to fill out.

2. Fill out the application and bring it to our meeting in May of 2024. 

3. We will send a follow-up email with further questions.

4. Thank you for your interest!

Also send your application form to:

position Descriptions


The duty of the president is to perform a wide variety of duties that aid the smooth operation of the Millbrae Leos Club. Some of these duties include giving speeches, writing the meeting agendas, running the meetings, coordinating with lions and much much more.



The duty of the vice-president is to support the president and help oversee the Leos Club. Additionally, the Vice-President helps mitigate tasks to the other board members.

Projects Director

The duty of the project's director is to coordinate with Lions and public figures that request the aid of the Leos volunteers. The project's director will decide whether the Leos club can fulfill the needs of those requesting help. Additionally, they will be in charge of creating the event rosters (using the provided template) and present them at the general meetings. 

Membership Director

The duty of the membership director is to keep organized records of the new Leos. This includes filing membership applications and making sure new members receive the merchandise & "getting to know you" forms. Additionally, the membership director will regularly update the master roster and give membership updates at the board meetings. 


The duty of the Historian is to document the meetings and events. The historian is also required to go to at least 1 Leo event per month and take pictures that will be uploaded onto the Leo's website and/or Social Media. Additionally, they will update the Social Media Accounts regularly to maintain accuracy. 


There are two secretaries - an Internal Secretary and an External Secretary. The Internal Secretary's job is to keep logs and notes on general and board meetings. The External Secretary is to interact with the rest of the Leo's 4C4 district; working between clubs and with the District Council.


The duty of the Webmaster, AKA the publicity/communications director, is to update the Millbrae Leo's Website with accurate information, resources, and updated photos. 

Budget Director*

The duty of the budget director is to give financial updates (with the help of Lion Advisor Michael) during the board and general meetings. The budget director will also help suggest how much money should be spent on projects and activities. 

Middle School Membership Director

The Middle School Director will recruit more middle school students to the club and will help to oversee their activities. 


If there is an asterisk (*) near a role, it means this role will make you an officer. If elected into an officer role, you can only hold this position for one term. This helps make sure everyone gets a fair chance to take on different roles and encourages members to try out new things in our club.

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