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Board Members

& Board Application

Meet The Board

Millbrae Leos Club President and Membership Director
Demetri Marinos

I joined the leos club, to meet new people, give back to the community, and to improve my leadership and social skills. What I enjoy about the Millbrae Leos Club is it's a loving organization that strives to improve the community in any way we can. Everyone in the club works together to not only make the community a better place, but to make it more comfortable, enjoyable, and more loving for its citizens. Outside of the club, I love to play Water Polo and Wrestling. I also enjoy spending time with my family and playing video games with my cousins. 

Millbrae Leos Club President and Membership Director
Nuri Capanoglu


Hi I’m Nuri. I’m a senior at Mills and I joined the Leo’s club as a freshman with the hope of meeting new friends and developing my leadership skills. I play water polo and Mills and Stanford WPC. Also the principal chair of the viola section at Mills and I participate in the annual musical.  

Millbrae Leos Club Vice-President
Umit Capanoglu

 Hello! My name is Umit and I am a senior at Mills High School. This year I am the Vice President of the Leos Club. I became involved in this club at the end of my freshman year. I have enjoyed volunteering in different events around the community like building the community garden and serving food at local events. Outside of the Leos Club, I like to play water polo and play the violin.

Millbrae Leos Club Publicity Director and Historian
Alyssa Chew

Hi, I am Alyssa Chew and I am the Publicity Director and the Historian. I am a Sophmore at Mills High School and I joined the Millbrae Leos Club about 2 years ago. After joining the Millbrae Leos Club I met lots of new people and also gave back to the community much more. What I enjoy about the club are all the different opportunities that the club offers for people to give back to the community. Outside of the Leos Club, I enjoy being on the Boba Bots robotics team.

Millbrae Leos Club Secretary and Group Leader
Jason Ji

Hi, my name is Jason Ji and I am a senior at Mills High School. I am really excited about becoming the secretary and group leader of the Millbrae Leos Club and taking more responsibility to improve the Millbrae community. I joined the club after I moved to Millbrae during my Sophmore year. After attending community bonding events for more than a year, I am glad to have the opportunity to take one step further. I also love playing basketball and cooking during my free time.

Millbrae Leos Club Projects Director
Daphne Situ

Hi, my name is Daphne Situ and I am a junior at Mills High School. I've been volunteering with the Millbrae Leos since my freshman year. I decided to join the Millbrae Leos Club because I wanted to be more involved with the community I grew up in. Outside of the Leos, I participate in the school musicals and play golf. With the time I've spent in the club, I've been able to grow and develop my soft skills. I'm super excited to be this year's Projects Director and I'm looking forward to this upcoming year! 

Leos Board application

How to apply

1. Download and print the application form

2. Fill out the application and bring it to our meeting in April

3. We will send a follow-up email with further questions

4. Thank you for your interest

position Descriptions


The duty of the president is to perform a wide variety of duties that aid smooth operation of the Millbrae Leos Club. Some of these duties include giving speeches, writing the meeting agendas, coordinating with lions and much much more.  


The duty of the vice-president is to support the president and help oversee the Leos Club. Additionally, the Vice-President helps mitigate tasks to the other board members.

Projects Director

The duty of the project's director is to coordinate with Lions and public figures that request the aid of the Leos volunteers. The project's director will decide whether the leos club can fulfill the needs of those requesting help. Additionally, they will be in charge of creating the event rosters (using the provided template) and present them at the general meetings. 

Membership Director

The duty of the membership director is to keep organized records of the new leos. This includes filing membership applications and making sure new members receive the merchandise & "getting to know you" forms. Additionally, the membership director will regularly update the master roster and give membership updates at the board meetings. 


The duty of the secretary is to take detailed notes about the general & board meetings. 


The duty of the historian is to go to at least 1 Leo event per month and take pictures that will be uploaded onto the Leos website. Additionally, the historian will update the website regularly to maintain accuracy. 

Publicity/ Communications

The duty of the publicity/communications director is to update the Millbrae Leos Facebook and Instagram pages. Additionally, sending reminders via Remind 101 will be an occasional responsibility. 

Group Leader 

The duty of the group leader is to help cultivate a supportive and caring environment amongst the Leos. This includes assisting in the membership director in assigning mentors (10th-11th graders) to the new younger leos (7th-8th graders). Additionally, leading peer mediation (with Lion Advisor supervision) when/if necessary. 

Budget Director

The duty of the budget director is to give financial updates (with the help of Lion Advisor John) during the board and general meetings. The budget director will also help suggest how much money should be spent on projects and activities. 


*The Millbrae Leos Club is looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to complete the tasks they are given on a month-to-month. It is the duty of the board to attend specific events and all meetings (unless there is a legitimate reason ).