Leos Past events 2021-2022 


Millbrae Lunar New Year festival

Millbrae 2/05/22 

Taylor Middle School presentation

Millbrae 1/28/22 

The Leos Club showed a presentation to Taylor Middle School promoting the idea of community service and what the Millbrae Leos Club does, including the responsibilities and benefits. Here is the link to our presentation.


MLK Cleanup event

Bayside Manor Park 1/12/22 

We went to cleanup Bayside Manor Park at 1 PM on January 17th. Fortunately, the park had already been cleaned up by other community members, so we went throughout the streets picking up trash and throwing it away. The areas we cleaned up were the Bart underpass and the neighborhood around the park. We finished at 2:30 PM.


Christmas tree Lighting

Millbrae 12/4/21 

First we helped setup a hot cocoa stand. Then we started preparing hot cocoa mixes to hand out. After the announcements were over and the tree lights were lit we started gave out to the hot chocolate to the people that were there at the event.


BeAts and Brews

Millbrae 10/21 

IMG_2056-preview 2.JPG

K1 speed Team bonding

Millbrae 12/21/21 

As a team bonding event, the Millbrae Leos headed to K-1 Speed to get their race on. After countless races and many inadvertent collisions, the Leos enjoyed their time together making new connections with each other.

Monster March

Millbrae 10/29


 art and Wine Festival 


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great America

Team Bonding

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Trex Recycling Project


Japanese Cultural Festival


Leos at the 16th Annual Japanese Cultural Festival.JPG